Weekly Open & Drop In League

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Golfland Open/Drop-IN Golf League

This is a Nine Hole league and the cost is $15 per player plus $5 for skins. The league is handicapped to give everyone a chance at the skin money. We play a different course each week and you are not required to play every week. You pay your $20 when you play your round anytime you make your Tee time. Remember, you don't have to join this League, you play when you want. Skins will be paid out the following week. Call for info., or a Tee Time.


Open /Drop In League

Course: Hapuna Golf Course Back 9
Players: 30 players = $150 Skin Pot
Skins Won: 2 = $75 per skin

Ian - Hole #11 - $75

Eric - Hole #12 - $75

Low Score: Eric and Matt tied for Low Score.

16 players for Low Score= $32, $16 each

Closest To Pin Contest:
Winner - Drew - $236 - 5' 11"

***You can play in this Open/Drop In/Skins League any day or time we are open. You don't have to play every week. This league DOES NOT lock you into a specific day and time. Play when and if you want! The cost is $20, $5 goes to the Skin Pot and we play a different 9 holes each week. We lightly handicap so everyone has a chance to win some.***