Driving Range

Consistency Is Key

Get back into the swing of things at our driving range in Lapeer, MI

Trying to hone your golf skills? It's going to take practice. Our driving range is the perfect spot to work out the kinks, loosen up your limbs and play better golf. We're open all year long and our tee boxes are heated, so you can swing away even during the winter months.

Lake Nepessing Golfland offers the following pricing options:

  • Small bucket: $6.75
  • Large bucket: $9.50
  • Indoor cage: $12 per hour

Visit our golf practice range today in Lapeer, MI.

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Shake the dust off your 7-iron

Golf is a game of constant adjustments and improvements. Are you committed to finally lowering your handicap this season? Purchase a season pass at the driving range at Lake Nepessing Golfland. You can choose from the following options:

  • Single limited: $200 (you receive $400 worth of balls)
  • Single unlimited: $450 (unlimited range balls)

Our season passes run from April 1 through October 1. Call 810-664-3514 today to learn more about the pricing option at our golf practice range in Lapeer, MI.